As an Autistic BBC trained Actor and an Autistic advocate I often have to strike the right balance between choosing parts that I can not only do justice as an artist to , but roles that also do not risk reflectly unfairly on the advocacy and public office duties that I take incredibly seriously.

Because of this is I sometimes find myself having to not attend auditions or due to my long held advocacy work ,I am often being contacted by reputable casting directors or conferences asking me if I know of any other Autistic talent that is not in my demographic age ,sex , race or accent remit .

As a public speaker and advocate I am also often asked to source Autistic speakers for national speakers events , conferences and the like . I have done this purely as a volunteer in past and always ensured that the people I recommend are given a fair wage before recommending them .

Autistic actors and public speakers can be some of the most underpaid ,underrated and underrepresented.

We often struggle greatly with uncertainty,finding new casting locations, being able to differentiate between a respectable above board casting meeting and a potentially dangerous one ,we should ,like any other form of freelance or self employment be able to have our reasonable adjustments met . We also may not feel able to advocate for a fair daily fee .

If you are an Autistic (diagnosed or pathway ) public speaker ,actor , presenter please do drop an email to with ref “British Autism Artist” to be added to a list of recommended artists and speakers and for further information.

Please Note ,for transparency- There is NO sign up fee and NO upfront administrative charges .British Autism Artists receive 10 % of any work AFTER completion to cover research and admin time ,overheads ,subscriptions to talent websites and insurances only . I run this support as part of my advocacy umbrella of work and it is not my sole business but a branch of that business model,the ethics of the work and Autistic actors having access to new opportunities at the same time as their non Autistic counterparts is far more important to me on both a personal and professional level .