Carly ,Dr Judith Gould and Cath at NAS spectrum Live
Carly ,Dr Judith Gould and Cath at NAS spectrum Live

Policy ,Strategy and Human Rights

The World Human Rights Forum Marrakesh (2014)

•Autism and Artificial Intelligence speaker - Alan Turing Institute British Library (Oct 2019)

•STOMP /STAMP (Stop over medication of Autistic patients) NHS England (2020)

•COVID-19 NHS England Autism and LD Rapid Response Participant (2020)

•NHS England London Immunisation Board Member (2020)

•Indpendent ,Professional Consortium Partner for Royal Mencap and The National Autistic Society Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training for all NHS and Health and Social Care staff . (2020 onward)

•Co Chair of the Executive Steering Group for the Oliver McGowan Mandatory training for all NHS Health and Social Care staff (2020 onwards )

•POST ,Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology Advisor Autism POST note for House of Lords and House of Commons participant and draft reviewer (Oct 2019)

•UK Womens Equality Committees Inquiry of Goal 5 implementation ,Disabled Women accepted and Published -Author (2016)

•The Samaritans ,Accessible Helpines London UK (2016)

•UK Government Department of Media ,Culture and Sport ,Whitehall Westminster , Diversity and Disability implementations (Oct 2019)

•The United Nations ,Autistic Women and Girls Geneva (2014)

•Safeguarding the mental health of Autistic children in mainstream education submission accepted and published by the UK parliamentary committee -Co Author (Feb 2017)

•The United Nations General Assembly Disability Social Forum ,General Assembly testimonial speaker (Oct 16)

•Philidelphia University Autism and Childbirth research (2016)

•Cambridge University Autism and Family Law ,Expert advisory panel member (2014)

•CEDAW ,Ratification of Human Rights for women Article 19 Autistic Woman and girls puplication accepted and published ,United Nations Geneva Nov 14th 2017

•NHS All Ages Autism conference June 2018

Global Disability summit Global Youth charter survey creator and -facilitating event with Include Me Too ,Department for International Development and British Council -London (July 2018 )

Professional Reviewer of the National SPELL Framework (Aug 2018)

Reviewer of the Autistica - Charles Sharland Research Grants applications (July 2018)

NHS 10 year plan for Autism and LD enquiry.(Nov 2018)

UK Gov Home Office - Apprenticeships wording draft reviewer (2020)

Reviewer of Springer Medical Research papers drafts for approva of publication (2020)

Rt Hon Lord Holmes Public Appointment review (Sept -Dec 2018)

National Autistic Society Employment and Apprenticeship Module Reviewer (Dec 2018)

Ministry of Justice Independent Interview Panel Member - Northern Ireland Prison Pay Expert Vacancy 2019

UK Community and Voluntary Services Honours Committee Member- appointed Aug 2018

Creator of National Safeguarding training for disabled children for National Autistic Society for the Department of Education (Jan 2019 )

Co Author of National

PREVENT Terrorism

Child Sexual Exploitation

Online safety

Guidance for Autistic youths with National Autistic Society and Department for Education , (Dec -Feb 2019)

Shadow Report for the CEDAW review of UK women with Dr Catriona Steward United Nations Geneva - (Feb 2019 )

Author reviewer of the Scouts Autistic strategy with National Autistic Society (March 2019)

Author Gender Fluidity and ASD -International Journal of Sciences -2015

Reviewer and contributor to Autistics Brief on Autistic women and girls for the Autism Act 2019 Strategy (April 2019)

Public Appointments Valuing Diversity interview and filming for Cabinet office with Rt Hon Peter Riddle CBE (Spring 2019)

United Nations New York Launch of the Commonwealth Children and youth disability network for IM2 (June 2019)

Lancashire Rail,First British Autism Railway line NAS Review July 2019

Rochdale Autism ,girls and Safeguarding July 2019

Commonwealth House Pall Mall Westminster IM2 Commonwealth Children’s and Youth disability’s Network Aug 2019

Washington DC Population Reference Bureau Protecting of Disabled Women from Sexual violence project August 2019

NHS England ConVid-19 Incident response Autism LD and MH strategy team

NHS England Immunisation Board committee Member

Training,Keynotes and Presenting

•The National Autistic society professional awards Harrogate UK (2013)

•Safeguarding training for Autistic Youths Arborfield Berkshire (Aug and Oct 2019)

•The International Peace festival USA(2015)

•PresentingNational Autistic society schools -Nationally UK (2016)

•The Department of Health UK (2016)

House of Commons / Lords UK (2016)

St Johns college Brighton UK (2013)

•High Wycombe Girls School Inspirational Women panel (Feb 2016)

•CAMHS Reading UK(2016)

•Parenting special children females and Autism event Caversham UK (2016)

•Local police /Bracknell forest council UK(2016Scottish Radio(2013)

•NSPCCDirecting Thames Valley Police and Autism Film (Oct16)

•NAS Salestian School Chertsey (Oct16)

•CAMHS/NHS October( 2016• House of Lords for (October 2016)

• Portsmouth University -Tim Peake event (Nov 2016)

•National Autism Project -House of Lords as guest of IM2 UK - Jan (2017Parenting Special Children Autism Girls and Safeguarding workshop Feb 23rd 2017

•Right Click Autism women and girls for SWAN and Scottish Autism Edinburgh 12-14th Feb 2017

•Co chair of the National Autistic society Professionals Conference 7-8th March 2017

•Thames Valley Police 2017

•Talk and visit to STARS London school unit for children in part time education due to experiencing mental health issues in Mainstream education Feb 2017All Party Parlimentary Group Autism and Education House of Commons April 2017 -IM2 Autism RepHuw Merriman MP All party Parlimentary Autism group -House of Commons

•Jo Cox Loneliness Commisson Parliament July 2017

•Dr Luke Beardon ,Sheffield Hallam Post Graduates certificate Nov 2017

Royal Household Autism accessibility visitor and reviewer for accessible Britain 2018 guides

•Plan International Girls in the UK today project October 2017

•Birmingham University IM2 , Leave no one behind conference ,World Health summit - November 2017

•Scope Inspirations Dinner Nov 2017

•Thames Valley Autism school assembly “Successful Autistic Adults “ for National Autistic Society Nov 2017

•Media Com London 2018

•APPGA House of Lords Autism and education strategic launch 2018

•Institute of Physics Gender Champions Conference Nottinghamshire Feb 2018

• Safeguarding Autistic Girls ,Training for professionals

.Cabinet Office Young Honours event

•University of Swansea April 2018

.Commonwealth Heads of Goverment forums April 2018 Westminster

English Heritage ( September 2018 )

Rural Heritage (September 2018 )

Dr Luke Beardon Post Graduate Course London (Nov 2018 )

NHS Slough (Dec 2018)

National Autistic Society Women and Girls Conference (Oct 2018)

Reading Girls School Autism Training (Feb 2019 )

West Berkshire Parents Forum Autism Conference Keynote speaker (Feb 2019)

KPMG Patchwork Foundation Dinner with Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP

Peter Brett Training Autism Berks July 2019

National Autistic society filming at home July 2019

National Autistic Society Women and girls conference Edinburgh Sept 2019

As I am Charity Dublin Ireland Building partnerships and Autism Proofing Services keynote speaker September 2019

Oddfellows Talk -November 2019

Co Host of National Autistic Society Professional Awards Birmingham February 2020


BBC Media trained

“ I experienced a brilliantly, funny, witty, sharp mind reminding me of Russell Brand / DavinaMcCall … a compliment by the way …and a person who is really emotionally literate and comfortable in her own skin … expressing both strength and vulnerability, and high in intrapersonal (self-awareness) and interpersonal (ability to relate to others) intelligence” - Edinburgh Audience Feedback

BBC Class Act residential workshop for 32 disabled actors Oct 2017 London

•Cannes Film Festival France(May 2015)

•Autism Berkshire charity fundraiser ,Q and A ,film screening (2009 and 2016)

•BBC Radio (local) (2010 , 2014 ,2016,2017)

•BBC Radio 4 "Woman's hour" National (2015)

•The Autism Show Canada (2015)

•BBC three (2012 and 2016)

•SKY living (2010)

Impakter Sustainable Developmental Goals International Article 2019

•Scope Interview on Autism and female diagnosis as an adult Jan/Feb 2016 and International women's day 2017 .

•Screening of Epidemic of Knowledge Autism and females documentary at the United Nations Information centre of India and Buhtan - India January-May 2017 .- sharing the world class Autism knowledge of Britains Lorna Wing Center -globally.

•BBC Radio 4 PM hour ,Rt Hon Boris Johnson and Vaccination clamp down ,Day UK lost Measles Free status (August 2019)

•BBC Berkshire Mandatory Vaccinations (August 2019)

•The Ipaper Autism ,MMR and Mandatory Vaccinations (Front page May 8th 2019)

•Channel 4 News Autism,females and late diagnosis Feb 2017

•Prospect Magazine -Vaccination Myths and Meealses Free UK status .

•Ipaper national news Sex Education and Autism

•Accessibility in shops-I paper

Guardian Newspaper Autism and Parenting (Easter weekend 2017)

The Autism Podcast

•BBC 5 Live Radio July 2017

•Channel 4 Undateables Autistic Women Advisories group

•Glamour Magazine Atypical Netflix article Aug 2017

•Guardian “The Party” Autism VR support

•BBC evening News ,Autism Oct 2017

•BBC Drivetime ,Autism Sept 2017

•ITV Wales Evening News LIVE -Autism and girls (Jan 2019)

•BBC Radio Berkshire Autism and Legoland Windsor

•BBC Berkshire Radio - Theme park accessibility

•Channel 5 news October (2016)

•BBC Class Act - Jan 2018

•ITV Fixers “Feel happy on the Spectrum “ Jan 2018

BBC Radio Berks Autism show May 2019

London Autism Podcast ( Jan 2019)

•BBC Radio Autism and Blue Badges Feb 2018

•Ch4 prime time documentary "How Autistic are you ?" (2018)

• Media and Autism consultancy

•BBC Ouch Autism podcast

•BBC Berkshire Autism unfiltered

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