Chairing the National Autistic Society Professional Conference 2017
Chairing the National Autistic Society Professional Conference 2017

Professional Services

Booking via email

•Online and technical research and Safeguarding course creator and legislation editor for National departments.

•Policy and Political consultancy,submissions and speaker

•Supporting letters for Diagnosis , Outings /Queues, Schools

•TV and Media Autism Script and Inclusion consultancy

•Personal support in legal cases For Autistic persons and their families during court appearances.

•National Paper freelance Journalism -Autism

•Autistic Travel Consultancy and Autistic friendly building /hospital review known as a "environmental audit "

•Public speaker and Autism training

•Group in person Safeguarding courses for Autistic girls and /or their Parents and Guardians

•University advisory panel member for Autism and Females research

•Acting /Performance in Autism/Awareness related Media (BBC Trained Actress)

•Univeristy ,College and Schools spokesperson

•Commonwealth Children and Youth Disabilities Network Agent of Change Team member for IM2

•Pre and Post Diagnosis support ,mentoring and advice for Individuals and their families .

•Private mentoring tutor for Home educator families and their Autistic children ,monthly get together club host in Arborfield Berkshire.

•Autism Friendly Events Organiser

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Please do email me for further information,informal chat and quotes ,Pricing is very reasonable and payments can be spread interest free for those on low incomes or charitable organisations due to a lifelong commitment to access support without hurdles and offering a percentage of voluntary services for most in need.

Knowing that there was someone there,even into the early hours keeping me calm ,listening and not judging when I was near meltdown and in a state of self doubt made the full diagnostic journey much more positive experience than it could have been “. R - Scotland

"Understanding and accepting who you are is the first step towards advocating for yourself and attaining a happy, meaningful life.  After a few chats with Carly, I have learned more about myself and my autistic son than I learned during a lifetime of conversation with professionally trained therapists." D.New York City

Carly was active in ensuring that the charity Samaritans are accessible for those who need the service and find it difficult to talk on the phone...There is a high rate of suicide amongst those who have autism and I believe this is a step in the right direction in ensuring that there is appropriate  support for those with autism who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. I really appreciate the work that Carly has done with this as it was in memory of my brother who had autism and took his life in 2015. Carly obviously takes her work very seriously and is caring and understanding. She is a  great advocate for autism” E.Ipswich